Uncover the Causes of Hot Ear from the Medical Side

Hot ears can happen to anyone. There are many things that can be the cause, ranging from trivial to require medical treatment. If according to myths or what parents say, hot ears mean that someone is talking about us. However, judging from the side of medical science, there are many things that can make the ears become hot. What are those? Various Causes of Hot Ear The following are various causes of hot ears that you need to know more about, namely: Emotions Hot ears can occur if we are feeling angry, embarrassed, or anxious. Temperature change If we are in a place with very cold temperatures, the ears, cheeks, and nose can become hot. This is caused by the body's mechanism to adjust to the ambient temperature. The trick is to narrow the blood vessels so that blood flow to the surface of the body decreases or slows down (vasoconstriction). Hot ears due to temperature changes can be reduced by using earplugs. Pericondritis This condition is inflammation that occurs i
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